Third time's a charm

This was my first try.
I didn't like it.
For starters it was too long and it seemed to be lop-sided right in front.
I had initially wanted to make this a three strand, so I strung three separate strands.  But when I started to put them together 3 seemed too bulky.
This one got 'snipped'.

This was try number two.
Much better balance but way too short.
I felt like that guy who keeps cutting the table legs, one at a time and never really gets it level, until it's as short as a coffee table.
How did I get it this short???
Plus, I'm not sure how I feel about how I had it come together at the focal bead.
This one got 'snipped'.

FINALLY, a winner ;~)
I love the length, I love the balance, I love the colors.
And I didn't let that third strand from the first try go to waste.
I decided that I would like to have a matching bracelet,
since it was already strung and all ;~)


What do you think?


  1. That is a GORGEOUS! I love the combination of beads you used~ the textures and shapes capture the spirit of that focal perfectly.

    I'll tell ya, I'm loathe to start sweating (again)(I hate summer in Alabama) this early in the morning (again)(I hate summer in Alabama), but you've just inspired me to go light the torch. It's either that or sit here and tell you how much I hate summer in Alabama. (again).

    Really, really beautiful set, Pat!!!

  2. Thanks Juls, I really love the way it finally came out.
    If I could I would gladly share some of my weather with you. It's 50 and raining here:(

  3. Dearest Pat... is that a JulsBead focal? I'd recognize those lovely lampwork designs anywhere! I love this whole set dear. Great colors and texture... and how ingenious using the snipped strand as a bracelet. That's brilliant!

    Can't wait to see more of your style dear! Have a fantastic day!


  4. Hi Dawn!
    Thank you so much:~)
    You are right about the focal, I got it from Julsbeads. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it!


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