Year of Jewelry ~ Week 7 .......... and news☺

Ok... I admit that I am a couple of days late with this week's
(last week's) piece but I have a good reason☺
More on that in a minute~
Anyway... this is actually a re~do.
The first one I made was literally the first
micro-macrame bracelet I had ever made.
You can see why the re-do was needed here
I had meant to re-do it in the exact same pattern
but changes were made (I can't help myself☺)
Now it's a  little longer than I wanted but still totally wearable☺

Now for the news!
It's official....
I'm going to have some of my goodies in a
Gallery / Gift shop in Anchorage
and this summer I will have same said goodies
in a Gallery / Gift shop in Skagway.
Apparently in the summer there are quite a few people in Skagway☺
With just under 800 year round residents, you wouldn't think
Skagway would be a great place for a Gallery
but more than 800,000 people pass through this town every summer,
so this is very exciting☺

All three of these designs will be made into magnets☺


They are also interested in some of these in various colors
O! M! G!  YES!!!
(And the gallery owner actually bought this one for herself☺)

Yep... I'm floating around up here on cloud nine☺♥

And I had better get my butt in gear, there's lots to do!


  1. Very exciting news, indeed! Congratulations and happy celebrating!

  2. Squeee! Congratulations! Both bracelets are stunners and those magnets are exactly the kind of keepsake treasure I would buy~ I keep them on my fridge from all the places I've traveled~ and yours are so unique and fun I'd probably have to get one of each if I were passing through Skagway. Love 'em!

  3. Wow, Pat, those bracelets are awesome! For someone who hasn't done micromacrame before, you are certainly a quick learner! As you know, I am a big fan since we were BSBP partners and I was able to score a few pieces of your art :) So, congratulations on your success, those folks at the gallery are in for a treat!

  4. I love your macrame bracelets, they're amazing!


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