redo, redoing, redone.....

I finished the ends of this using
~~ Thank you Sherri ~~

I love the way the ends look and,
even with all of it's flaws, I like the way the pattern turned out,
after double checking that all of my knotting was tight, then glueing the knots
and trimming my ends I realized that...


I had one end right side up.....

back of knots
and the other end upside down.  Oops....

So.... I will redo this one in the same pattern and hopefully both ends will be right side up
when I finish☺

I am redoing this one.
I added a lot more cords and I love the way it is coming along.

And for "redone"....

I liked it this way but I started thinking that I wanted it to be a bit "beefier" (word?)
So I did this....

Then I got totally distracted and made a bunch of earrings
for absolutely no reason.....
~except that I had an idea~


  1. Pat, great call on reworking that first bracelet~ I really like the focal facing east and west.

    That necklace too! Positively GORGEOUS colors and textures.

  2. Nice interpretation of Sherri's micro pattern, Pat. It is uniquely and undeniably yours. Looks like it can be adapted to different focals, too.


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