Garden Update ☺

I actually didn't quite know what to do with myself this weekend;~)
Every weekend lately has been about
"The Garden"
I was able to finish planting last weekend, and
since it was a three day weekend, I also had the time to catch up on 
some of the more pressing house cleaning duties☺
This Saturday it rained all day so I didn't even have to water
the garden, so besides the usual weekend stuff like laundry
and such I was pretty much a lady of leisure☺
I thought this would be a good time to show
what all we've  accomplished on the garden area.

I'll start with a quick recap of how it all started
Two years ago, we did this.
Tilled under the entire yard and started over.
We separated it into different sections ~
The "Patio Area" with a fire pit,
and an area for raised garden beds where the trees make it
nearly impossible to grow decent grass.
We left the garden area unfinished because, honestly,
we were pretty much exhausted☺
The next year we did this ~
Hauled in several truckloads of gravel.
Shoveled several truckloads of gravel. (Gravel is heavy)
Built 10 ~ 2ft x 8ft beds.
Filled 10 ~ 2ft x 8ft beds. (Dirt is heavy)
I knew I wanted some larger beds (4ft x 8ft) in the center section but
I was still undecided on how I wanted them laid out
and how many would actually fit, so the two we built
were left empty until this year.
(Plus I was pooped)

That brings us to this year☺
We got the rest of the lumber for 4 more large beds.
(We had the lumber and the soil delivered ~ Hallelujah!)
That there is 48 bags of garden soil, it is very heavy
 and I only wanted to have to pick it up once ~
technically twice, once into the wheelbarrow
and then once out of the wheelbarrow☺
(Honey doesn't do dirt)
So Honey built the frames and we got them positioned
in a pleasing layout and I proceeded to get them all filled up.
There are 6 beds ~ 4ft x 8ft and each one of them took
8 bags of garden soil and 6 bags of potting soil.
(Potting soil is light as a feather compared to garden soil,
just sayin')

Once all of the beds were filled,
The frames prior to covering with heavy plastic sheet.
I built a few more "pepper houses".
I wanted to try several varieties of peppers this year
and our summers are a little cool for pepper growing.
These act like mini greenhouses☺

So this is where we are now ~
I am seriously happy with how this came out.
The green that you see are the plants I started from seed
a couple of months ago in our storage space, and the other boxes
were seeded.  You can't tell from the picture,
but the beans and beets are starting to sprout☺

And just cuz,
I'll show you what's happening in the greenhouse

Maters baby!
Lotsa maters☺


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