More of The Year of Jewelry.......

I may have mentioned before
 that I pretty much suck at that thing known as
social media☺
These last few weeks haven't seen any noticeable improvement
 to that suck-age:~(

And in my last post I kinda sorta promised
to be a little more chatty this time around
I lied.
This is all I have for you today.

At least I made a couple of collages
instead of inundating you with a hundred bazzillion pictures.
Really just seven, but that can seem like a lot. No?
If you want to see bigger individual pics
you can go here.
There are some really nice pieces by some very talented 
jewelry artists in

I'm not making any promises this time
but maybe I'll actually have something to chat about next time
and maybe next time will be sooner than 
2 months from now.


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