Meet Moloodoe!!!

(If I may say so myself.)

In the beginning....
Not so cute.

I sculpted his body over this armature, added his head and front legs before the first cure.

Then I added the hind legs. It was a challenge for me to get the stance just the way I wanted it, so when I finally got it "right", I was so excited to get him cured that I forgot a very important step.

This is what happened when I forgot to brace him up in the middle.
He is pretty good sized at 7" long and about 5" high at the tip of his tail.

So, a little bit of batting, some "emergency surgery", and ......

All better.

Y Y Meet Moloodoe Y Y

Moloodoe's Story

"In the dark of the night when things seem scary, Moloodoe appears in a little spark from the last dying glow of the light bulb. He sits on your chest and looks at you with playful eyes and a contagious grin giving you a swat on your nose from time to time until you fall to sleep, secure in knowing that there is nothing to fear."

Thanks to "papermasks" for the name AND the adorable story.
I think it fits so well!


  1. Holy cow! He couldn't be any cuter! He's so fab! You took that idea and ran with it completely. He's awesome and has so much personality!

    He absolutely should sit on a bedside table and chase away the dark scary things.

    Love him!


  2. And, I have to thank you for using the idea and story. :-)


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