My Soup is Here!

My partner, Rachel
and I have both received our soups, so
this is a little show and tell post♥

Looky what I got!!

Rachel is a lamp work artist as well as a jewelry designer
and the focal she sent is one of her own.
It makes me think of a bearded iris.
(God, I need summer to get here!)
And the toggle looks like a leaf ~ LOVE IT!
I already have some ideas what I'm going to do with this
(also in love with the cultured sea glass♥)

And since Rachel has received her soup as well,

I can now show the less "molten" version
of what I sent her☺
The focal is polymer clay as well as some of the beads.
I included two handmade brass toggles and Mother of pearl, 
shell, fresh water pearls and a couple of different gemstone beads.

I can't wait to see what Rachel comes up with!


  1. Both soups are so yummy. Enticing color and texture combinations to work with.

  2. Gorgeous soups for both of you! Can't wait to see what you make Pat! Have a fantastic day!


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