this last weekend

I was planning on cleaning up so I could find some room to do some sculpting.
What happened is what usually happens... distraction☺

I liked the color combo of my last necklace so much that I wanted to make a set of earrings to match.
Yeah... I thought it would be easy to just throw together a set since I
already had the colors worked out.
It was HARD to figure out how to string together that many shapes and
 colors in earrings and not have it just look like a mess.
And I should know cuz I had about 30 different "messes",
(**~~mourning a gross of head and eye pins~~*)
 but I finally ended up with a pair I like☺
They are funky but I think they have the same 'feel' as the necklace.

And can somebody tell me where this stuff has been all my life???

I am in love with memory wire!  Who knew?

After the initial distraction, which lasted almost a day and a half, between jewelry and laundry;
I was able to accomplish this.

There really is a table under there. ☺

If my helper at work isn't sick again tomorrow I hope to get home early enough to
start on a special project.
More to come on that later;~)


  1. The earrings are perfect~ and so is the bracelet. That's gonna be a fun set to wear!

    As for memwire~ I was never a big fan until recently when I found some rubber tubing that it slides into and now I'm seeing a whole lot of potential in it.

    Your workspace looks awesome~ wanna come straighten mine? ;)

  2. You have made a beautiful jewelry set. The colors are very much in tune with the time of year. You also have a great workspace.


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