you may now commence drooling and wishing you were me

The photo stinks but the beads are
definately drool-worthy☺
All of these gorgeous beads made it all the way from Juls in Alabama
 to Alaska in pristine condition.
I spent a couple of hours one evening,
opening tons of little bundles of bubble wrap.
(It was better than Christmas morning!)
When I went to bed that night I left the box of beads on the table next to my chair.
Said box of beads also contained tissue paper - I know better.
Lily-girl has a little addiction to all things paper.
She can eat a half a box of kleenex in 10 minutes flat.
Paper towels, napkins it doesn't matter, she can have
a roll of toilet paper strung down the hall and halfway up the stairs
in no time. And apparently the addiction includes, Yep, tissue paper. 
The next morning when I went back upstairs there was a giant pile
of gorgeous glass on the floor.
After picking everything up and assessing the damage I found that there was
 only one broken bead.
I'm sure that was due to the workmanship involved in making the beads
and not the care in which Lily dumped them on the floor!
 After calming down I decided I could still use this.
I mean, come on, look at the color.
There has to be some way to use it.

Some pearl clay and pink mica powder...

All better☺


  1. So you're a genius- repairing those like that! I've been on a bent lately- in the same vein- I'm keeping broken things that I think could be used for my sculptures and cutting off pretty collars or embelishments from old clothes to use for my art dolls. Hope I do and don't toss it all in 5 years! Hey- have fun with all those beads, they are drool-worthy!


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