I have been creating....

I have been creating.
Just not jewelry or beads or sculptures.

Canned goods.
Lots of canned goods.☺
8 pints pizza sauce and 6 qts spaghetti sauce   YUM!
Mostly tomato based canned goods cuz,
well... this was a good tomato year☺
And a good jalapeno year, but I was too busy to get pics;(

For the last two weeks I have had a heater going in the greenhouse at night
to keep it warm enough for my babies to ripen up.
Due to a late season attack of aphids and temps dipping into the low 30s
at night, I decided it was time to harvest all of the tomatoes,
red and green.

I spent most of the day Saturday clearing out the greenhouse.
About halfway done
I picked all of the tomatoes and cleared out all of the plants.
I will be very busy over the next few days ( weeks? )
Half of these became the pizza sauce in the pic up top,
the other half is going to become another batch of spaghetti sauce

So far I have made
22 pints of green tomato salsa (awesome)
12 pints of red salsa
8 pints of pizza sauce
6 qts spaghetti sauce
6 pints jalapeno jelly
I have the last of the peppers weighed out for 
2 more batches of jelly
1 more batch of red salsa when enough tomatoes ripen
and about two pounds to pickle. (Yay!)

As for the tomatoes.......

They have been sorted according to their different stages of "ripe"
The greenest of the green will become green tomato "mincemeat",
I hope!
I've never canned "green tomato mincemeat" before, but I have confidence☺
A few years ago I thought I couldn't grow vegetables,
as evidenced here
THE crop of 2010......the ENTIRE crop of 2010 :(
But, I seem to be getting the hang of it now☺


  1. your veggies look wonderful. I am envious! Thia has been a "not great year" for tomatoes here in Missouri... too cool then too dry. But my son and I managed 9 quarts of tomato sauce...Something we can add to later on when we cook with it. We are planning on applesauce and apple butter next week! I am going apple picking this week with the grand children! U-pick farms are getting harder and harder to find and I don't want them to have never picked apples!!


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