this year's crop and a ray of sunshine

You might remember back in June, after the baby moose and rabbit attacks, I had one remaining cauliflower plant.
I didn't mention it back then, but I also had two tomato plants in those 'topsy turvy' planters on my front deck along with a single pepper plant.
( I had a fantasy of making a couple jars of my own salsa.)
 both tomato plants came down with blight.  They died.
The pepper plant DID produce 1 pepper (so far).  It does have 4 blossoms on it currently but I don't know if there is enough time for them to fully grow before the weather turns.
As for the single cauliflower plant, it was coming along slowly, due to the 32 straight days of rain we have had here in Alaska.
( This has been a record setting summer.  We have had the coolest and wettest summer ever recorded.  Someone even figured out that if you took all the rain we have had since Memorial Day and converted it to snow we would have 14 feet)
Can we say depressing???
Anyway back to sad saga of the cauliflower plant;~(
 Last week during one of our rain storms the wind came up and snapped the stem on the poor thing.  All there was left to do was harvest.
Here we have all, and I do mean ALL of the vegetables I was able to produce this summer.

And just so you don't get the idea that I have grown the worlds largest pepper,
I thought I would include something in the photo to show just how large my vegetables got, up here in the "Land of the Midnight Sun".

Yep... there you have it.  The entire crop.

**a little side note...
to celebrate the harvest, I will be getting up close and personal
with that fellow in the middle there later tonight☺**

I did receive this little ray of sunshine in the mail this week from
Robin Armstrong Seeber of
I won this cutie pie when I signed up for door prizes over at

They have some awesome art over there.
You should check it out;~)


  1. I didn't see that shot glass pic coming...and until I saw it I was thinking "Cool! at least one giant pepper and a decent cauliflower."

    Bless your heart. I don't mean to laugh....that's funny though.


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