an experiment and a dilemma

an experiment :

I needed some eyeballs for some characters I have in mind.
I looked around on the web for glass eyes, but I didn't necessarily need or want the eyes to be "realistic", just eyeball-ish.
These started out as glass 'baubles', the kind you buy in the bag at Walmart in the silk flower section=)
I used acrylic paints and spray glaze. Now I just need to bake some with the polymer clay to make sure there isn't a reaction between the glaze and the clay.
If there is an issue with the glaze I can always use glass paint and skip the glaze.

a dilemma:

I made these with a purpose in mind. I wanted to make a set of stitch markers.

I had visions of adding a few fresh water pearls, they would be really fancy.

But then, who would buy a set of unnecessarily fancy stitch markers? Certainly not something I would buy for myself, but they would make a really nice gift.

Or, should I make them into a couple sets of earrings or use them as the focal in a few necklaces?.

I may have to just make lots more, in lots of different colors and just do all of the above.☺


  1. Love the eyes. :D Execellent detail work on those flowers, too.


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