a little bit of wire...

I've been working on what is shaping up to be a
looong post about my foray into caning, but for now
I will just show you a few things I've done with wire.
This seems to be one of my newest obsessions.

Making anything

and everything out of wire.

Obviously YouTube is a dangerous place for me.

That little column on the right that says "recommended videos"
gets me in a lot of trouble.

Heck yah I need to learn how to make my own diamonds using only
yesterdays leftover scrambled eggs, epoxy and glitter!!!
Who doesn't!!!???


  1. Love- love- love the tree and the nest(s) especially!!!!! I have in my mind a wire sculpture that I want to do- mostley wire and a few human parts. I'll leave that up for interpretation:) But Love, love love these new works of yours!!!


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