Summertime and Year of Jewelry ~ Week 30

Summertime is such a busy time,
the good kind of busy☺

In addition to yard work and gardening,
Hubs and I went to a family reunion in Washington (state)
It was awesome☺

I am also in the process of pulling out all of the old carpet in the house
to get ready for the new carpet install next week. YAY!

AND, we are in the planning stages of putting in a foundation for the 
NEW greenhouse that should be arriving in about a month. YAY ~ YAY!☺
(I am so flipping excited!!!!)
Busy ~ busy!

I thought I would share some pics of my tomatoes.
I'm kinda proud of their progress
Seedlings started in the storage area ~ April 2014

Hanging out in the greenhouse ~ May 26, 2014

Taking over the greenhouse ~ Aug 8, 2014
Now we just water and wait
Tomatoes ~ Aug 8, 2014
for these guys to turn red☺

I'm still trying to keep up with The Year of Jewelry Project
I'm only 1 week behind☺

Here is Week 30


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