Crossing my eyes and dotting my t~s

This week has been about taking two steps forward and three steps back.
I have decided to entirely re~do my website.  I want to take the paypal buttons out and just direct interested parties to my Etsy and Artfire stores.  I have the idea to put slide shows in the galleries and optional thumbnails to click for a closer look, but that means actually uploading my photos to Flickr (I also have Picasa but I didn't like the slideshow option as much as the one offered by Flickr).  But before I can upload them I need to figure out which folder I decided to put them in on my computer. 
Sooooo..... I have spent many hours organizing "My Pictures" on my computer,  I have just begun uploading to Flickr and my Facebook (more about that later)  so that I can embed the slide shows on the gallery pages of my website after I change the entire look of the website as a whole!
Then, just today, I received an email from Kathy.  She said that she really enjoyed reading my blog (♥ thank you Kathy ♥) but that it was very difficult for her to read because of the dark lettering.
Well..............  The template that I was using in Blogger had dark brown on either side and a tannish section in the middle where the posts actually appear.  Well, it turns out that certain browsers don't show that "tannish section", they just show  the darker background all the way across=(
Obviously, I couldn't just lighten the lettering,  because IE was working just fine and the tannish section was showing up,  the lettering would just be too light for that browser.
I thought to myself, "Easy Fix, I will just find a template that only has one color to it and see if that solves the problem."
Easy Fix my a**!!!!
Every new template I tried either made everything on my side bar disappear completely, leaving only the actual posts, or it would move it down to the very bottom of the page, under the posts like some never ending tail.
So, being the PERSISTANT B***H  that I am, I copied the html code from the one template that worked, pasted it in my computer's "notebook", then I changed to the new template that I wanted and compared the code side by side until I figured out what needed to be moved to put my DAMN side bar back up on the SIDE!!
I guess I shoul be happy that the blog thing only took about three hours because when my husband got home (just as I was finishing the blog remodel) he informed me that someone had bought all three of my dragon babies that we had on display at the shop and she would be interested in more.
So it looks like Flickr and the website will have to be on hold for a few days.

P.S.  I just couldn't have a post with absolutely no pictures,
so here's one of my latest necklace☺ 
P.S.S.  I had to switch to the new "editor" and  to my dismay it doesn't have a spellchecker. 
(Please have mercy.) 


  1. Ah, reorganizing photos. Isn't it so much fun? I really need to do that myself. Deleting some and adding others. I love your new necklace/earring set - the colors are so vivid. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Theresa


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