finally finished this

I will have to take some better pics before I list it but I like the way it finally turned out.

I had started out wanting to make this a dramatic "neck piece" with three roses and some 'pops' of red.  I was really insistent on the red.  But I hated it.  So I went with the softer look.
(Thank you Crafty Moose)
With the more feminine look, three roses looked too bulky, so I went with one.  After that decision was finally made, everything came together really quickly.
I really liked the way it turned out.
That is until I had it all strung, put it up to my neck to make sure I liked the length and promptly lost hold of the unfinished end :(

Who knew pearls could bounce like that?
It was like a whole bunch of little bitty super balls.....all over  the room.

After retrieving what I could, I started over.
I like the second incarnation too.

I'm just glad it's finally done, but I think I need to make some dainty, dangly earrings to go with it.

And just in case you are not TOTALLY tired of yard pics.
This is what we spent the weekend doing.

In hopes of saving a dying, neglected yard,  Honey rented a power de-thatcher.
I wish we could have rented a power raker.
The 'power raker' turned out to be me.

Just keep in mind,  if you are going to fertilize the hell out of your yard for 4 years,
then neglect it for the next two years, 
you will have to work your butt off AND you will smell strongly of Mineral Ice........
for at least three days.



  1. I like it more with the pink and pearls~ such a delicate and feminine look. It's beautiful.

    UGH @ the raking. I never minded the body aches as much as the hand blisters. Hope you didn't get any!

  2. Oh, I love the design for finally settled on! I did get a chuckle about the bouncing pearls & later on, the mineral ice. Been there, done that, too!

  3. Thanks ☺ I like the pink better too and it's a no on the blisters, Honey always nags about wearing work gloves :)

  4. Thanks Craftymoose, you helped push me in the right direction with the design. And I am still trying to find the rest of those little buggers, they couldn't have gone that far. LOL!


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