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I haven't posted in a few weeks and I'm OK with that.

I'm behind on my YOJP pieces, and I'm OK with that.

I have veggies growing in the raised beds that I built and
the moose have only nibbled a few of the plants
The little one has a taste for broccoli and jalapeno pepper plants ~ go figure☺
 but they haven't completely
destroyed anything yet.  Which is seriously  Awesome!
We have had the weirdest weather I can ever remember.
(I have been in Alaska for 21 years now)
Two winters ago we had record amounts of snow.
(they ran out of places to put it all and it is illegal
to dump it in the ocean)
Last summer we had the coolest July on record
(the entire summer pretty much sucked, we only 
had about 2 or 3 days above 70 the entire summer)
This last winter we broke the record for the 
"longest snow season"
meaning the longest stretch between the first snow fall
of the season and the last snow fall of the season.

 "The first measured snowfall of the season was recorded 
on Sept. 29, (2012 and the last was May 18, 2013) 
 for a total of 232 days with snow this season -- so far. Winter’s lasted well over a third of the year. The Weather Service says the previous record was 230 days."
~Alaska Dispatch
This photo was taken on May 18th, 2013 ~ MAY!!
And now we are in the middle of a heat wave ☺
In the 21 years I have been here I have never seen weather this much to my liking:~)
We have had multiple days of upper 70s and lower 80s and nothin' but sunshine☺☺☺
It has never been this warm for this long of a stretch and I am seriously loving it!!!

I finally got to repaint my front door

I had been wanting to go red with the door but I thought Honey might protest.
When we started discussing color for the door, the first thing out of his mouth was
"I think you should paint it red"
Umm.... OK....☺
He even helped me pick out the shade
I might even go a little red-er later, but I like it☺

It has been crazy busy at work the last few weeks,
which makes it WAY easier to pay the bills (as owner of said business)
but it doesn't give me much time for other pursuits
(besides watering yard and garden, and the tomato plants are taking over
 the greenhouse again, hopefully we actually get tomatoes this year)
Now that gravel spreading, planter building, planting,
 yard seeding, etc is done, I do hope the weather continues
and I get to have a few afternoons of lounge chair surfing with the kindle.
And maybe a few days of rain
(wild fire danger is currently "Extreme" and July 4th is fast approaching)
to help with the watering.

I do have one of my YOJP pieces finished ~FINALLY~
what a PITB - (my fault)
but I will have to tell you about that later.
Soon, I promise☺
Don't want to get much farther behind:(


  1. Wow that cute little moose baby is all leg! How totally cute.


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