not much

...getting accomplished this week besides the occasional random spontaneous happy dance.

And this...

Actually this isn't what I ended up with, it's just what I started with
(after 4 tries)
I usually don't use a lot of different colors in my designs.
It's not that I don't like color,
It's just that I am not comfortable with my ability to put a lot of
colors together in a pleasing way.

Well, once I stood back and really looked at this I thought,
"I like it but I think it could use some yellow."
and since I didn't have anything in the yellow I was wanting,
I had to make some.

I made two different shades of yellow disks.
So after curing, varnishing and re-curing, I started adding the yellow.
Then I thought that maybe the focal looked kinda small with all of the others I was adding,

I changed out the focal for a larger one,
and I am SUPER-duper happy with this.
To me it says "light, airy and happy".
And it is so much different than my "comfortable"
earth tones, maybe that means I am making progress towards
breaking out of my shell.

I'm feeling the need to create some dragon babies,
hopefully this weekend I can concentrate long enough to make
some room to sculpt☺

I hope everyone has a happy Friday!


  1. You were so right about the yellow~ your use of color in this piece is fantastic! Loveness.

    I've only a couple more things I want to make for your package, so it will be going in the mail on Saturday. I'm adding in some SQUEE, because that's what I've felt making the collection for you.

    Love ya!


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