in my window

For years, I had these 2 strings of christmas lights,
the lights themselves looked like candles.
I loved those lights.
I would run 1 string along the bottom of each window in my living room.
I used little clips on little suction cups so it would hold
 the 'candle' upright, then I would put silver tinsel down to cover
 the wire that held them all together.
The lights would reflect off the window and the tinsel
and it just made the windows glow.
I absolutely loved the way it looked, so much so that even if I don't have time to
 or just don't feel like decorating for Christmas, I still did the windows.
Well the bulbs all slowly started burning out.
The light bulbs in them were not replaceable, and come to think of it,
I'm pretty sure I bought them at the Salvation Army, so as
Christmas decorations go they lasted a LONG time.
Well they finally died about two years ago and I have
never been able to find anything close.
The last two years I have just run a couple of strings
of the small white lights with tinsel.  It just wasn't the look I wanted.
Well, as I was shopping at Target I checked out the Christmas
decoration section.  I always do in the hopes of finding something
 candle-like and I found these.
I didn't think about taking a picture of them when I took them out of the box
 because I had no intention of blgging about them.
This is a photo from the world wide web☺

These are actually outdoor lights.
They come with ground stakes, they stand about 2 feet tall
 and there are three to a string.

You may be asking yourself
"What in the heck do lighted yard twigs and candles have in common?"

Well this is what I did with the lighted twigs.
(As you will notice, once again I took a picture of Scoobie's futon without fluffing first.)
And if you think the lights in each window are a
different type of white, you are correct.
I had actually planned on getting 2 of the kind in the
second photo but since I wasn't wearing my glasses
when I grabbed the boxes , out of the same box I might add,
I didn't see that they were two different kind of lights.
I'm kinda glad it happened though, cuz I kinda like the lights
above the unfluffed Scoobie futon best.
Now I have to go back to Target and get a box of the soft white
twigs before they run out, cuz you know if I try finding them
next year, they won't exist;~)


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