Spring is finally springing

I know some people are already getting into full summer but we are just entering into Spring.


a slight hint of green on the trees

just starting to leaf out

So far the weather has been awesome but it's still too early to do much planting.
Still getting a little cool at night. (28º yesterday morning)
Last weekend I spent prepping my garden area.
I got it weeded and fertilized and ready for planting the 57 perennials
that the post office was supposed to deliver Thursday that still haven't been delivered
 that hopefully are still alive when they do finally get around to delivering them.
This weekend I am getting my new pots ready to go.

A few years ago, my husband decided that he wanted to put
 in a garden area at the front of the house.
So he hauled rocks and dirt and he shopped for plants
and he did all of the planting himself.
(He's not exactly a green thumb kinda guy)
It's done quite well and I only have to nag a couple
times each summer for him to weed it.
Ever since he put the garden in (to one side of the deck)
 I have been undecided about how to deal with the other side.
It just didn't make sense to do the whole "raised bed" thing UNDER the deck.
And apparently when I am undecided about what to do, I do nothing☺
I usually just let the fireweed take over.
This year I have decided to do something.
I'm going to try to do a "container garden".
A few new pots

I love these pots. They look like ceramic but they are light as a feather.
These are a good beginning. I have a couple other containers
that I will use this year and I hope to add a few each year until it is really full.
As everything else around here it is a work in progress.
I'm going to try growing a few strawberry plants,
( to go with the aforementioned rhubarb)
and a few herbs and some tomatoes along with a few flowers.
Hopefully, with them being close to the house they will have a better
chance of not getting eaten by the wild rabbits,
whose numbers have obviously increased over last year.
(My honey said he would "take care" of them.
I don't want them eating my garden but as yet, I just can't stand the thought.
I know. I'm a wuss.)

Hopefully the awesome weather continues  into the summer cuz we have
quite the to do list.

PART of the list for the OUTSIDE of the house☺

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


  1. Well what a gorgeous place you live in! My hubby would give anything to live there :) I would certainly be following behind him :) I love log homes. I have always dreamed of living in one :)
    We were slow to get our spring this year.. I still dont dare plant any annuals yet, as I am afraid it will get to cold, infact I think we have a snow storm headed our way on Monday..lol

    Love those pots, I purchased the very same ones and i love them.. they are just waiting for warmer weather ;)

    Have fun in your gorgeous yard, Happy Spring


  2. Ah Spring--the season of renewal! Somehow we always have more projects than we have time for, LOL!


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