I am going to be a little bit late with my YOJP post this week
(like I've been on time the last couple of weeks~ right? ugh.)
anyway I will be flying out tomorrow morning to Washington State.

~~I'm gonna party like my Grampa is 100!!!~~

Which he will be this Friday!

Been trying to get everything done 'ahead' that needs to
be done while I'm gone from work, of course it had to be payroll week,
but I got-er-done☺

And my #1 helper decided to delay the birth of her
first child by two weeks
(HA HA HA HA!!! and boy was she not happy about the delay☺)

so the planned return to work to cover my absence
obviously wasn't going to happen.

So a huge shout out to Holly for coming in early to help out!
Thank You!
I'm SO glad you came to work with us♥

Ok, and since I hate dislike posting without pics
(I don't know why☺)
I will leave you with these
(L) Bella, who loves to be at the shop and raise hell (R) Gorgeous Patricia

Patricia at 2 weeks

OMG!  My heart is melting! ♥☺


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