The Year of Jewelry Project..... taking the plunge.....

Normally I do not like to commit to long term 'crafty' projects,
 mainly because I KNOW life is going to get in the way at some point.

I do not make my living  making jewelry or sculpting with clay,
thank goodness...
Why thank goodness???

1. I'd starve☺

So many reasons come to mind as to why I would starve,
 but the main one is a total lack of  focus!
I do believe that if creating was my main source of income that
 that would be the incentive to "focus", but since it is just a hobby,
(that I love, love, love!!!),
I allow myself to try doing any project that looks like fun
Which is everything I see☺

Apparently I have a need to learn EVERY jewelry making technique ~
 stringing, seed beading, micro-macrame, kumihimo,
 metal clay, resin, wirework and on and on....  you name it, I have to try it.
(not to mention the polymer clay projects and the need to crochet
every hat, earwarmer, scarf or fingerless mitt pattern ever written☺)

In other words, I start a lot of projects.
The only problem seems to be FINISHING said projects.

It's not because I don't enjoy doing what I have learned,
it just seems that once I have learned it,
 I'm just excited to learn the next new thing.

Well the other day I came across this group
on facebook.
The Year of Jewelry Project

The idea is to create one piece of jewelry every week for an entire year.
A FINISHED piece of jewelry☺

~From the "about" page at The Year of Jewelry Project~

"There is no doubt about it: taking on the Year of Jewelry Project – creating one piece,
every week, for a year – will challenge you. Some weeks you’ll find it easy to
 conceive and finish a design. Other weeks you’ll feel like your muse has gone on vacation.
You’ll feel like you’re producing the best work you’ve ever created, and you’ll feel like you’ve
produced something worthy only of the scrap pile.

That’s the point: through making and posting a weekly project you’ll be learning
 to deal with the ups and downs of your own creative process.
This is a journey. Take the time to play, to experiment, to perfect new
 techniques, to make mistakes – er – Design Choices."

There is a theme listed for each week that you can use
as inspiration if you are stuck but you don't have to stick to that theme
if life gets in the way and you miss a week or two
you can just pick up at whatever week you are in.

I'm hoping that this challenge will help me "Focus"
on completing some of my unfinished projects.
As a bonus it will give me a REASON to try some of the new
techniques I want to try AND it will give me something
to blog about at least once a week☺ lol!


  1. I haven't seen that challenge, it sounds wonderful!!! I will be checking with you regularly to see how it is going for you. Hope you really love it!!! Have a Blessed new year!!!

  2. Love what you did with that focal, Pat~ beautiful necklace!

  3. You are speaking to me! Not only do I have to try every artsy craftsy thing I see I also have to buy all the materials and equipment. I am rapidly being pushed out of my house by all the "stuff"! LOL I signed up for YOJ 2013 to help me focus. I can use all the help I can get.

    Gorgeous colors in your necklace

  4. Beautiful... always did like browns and blues together. As an omnicrafter myself, I jump all over the place with one craft or another - playing with technique and skillsets, borrowing from one to enhance another or blend my own way of achieving an end result. I agree, this challenge would definitely achieve focus for those of us with short attention span craft addiction, and allow us to hone our skills. I will be watching you closely(not in a stalker way) as I too took the JOTY 2013 challenge :)

    Keep creating beauty...


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