This and that.....

This picture makes me feel all squishy inside,
in a good way :-)

This is a photo of an actual hibernating Dormouse. You can read the cute story behind the picture here.
My honey has decided to go play in the snow this weekend and since I finally finished my commission piece, I want to play this weekend too.

I've made a few small roses.

So how hard can it be to make a larger rose and plunk a bundle of adorableness into the middle of it?

We'll see how that goes.

And after that, I think I will finish this:

Does he look like a Moloodoe?

Name courtesy of papermasks

Thanks :-)


  1. Okay, that is perfect and obnoxiously adorable. :-)

    The dormouse is cute, too. :-)

    Moloodoe! He needs a story...In the dark of the night when things seem scary, Moloodoe appears in a little spark from the last dying glow of the light bulb. He sits on your chest and looks at you with playful eyes and a contagious grin giving you a swat on your nose from time to time until you fall to sleep, secure in knowing that there is nothing to fear.

  2. We ought to start a trend where someone chooses an odd verification word to inspire you to create something representing it. Unfortunately, I don't think Wordpress uses those...


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