I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to make a figure for a very good friend of mine.

She saw my " Guitar Man"

and asked me to make a "Guitar Gal"
for her daughter who has fallen in love with the acoustic guitar.

Well, her daughter's birthday is in March and she asked me to make this in January.

No problem, plenty of time.

Then I inexplicably got completely caught up in making Hearts. Even when I tried to take a break from the hearts and start the figure, it just wouldn't come.

( I always start with the head so that they can properly introduce themselves. Then I can figure out their personality, how they dress, how they stand or sit, etc. )

Well, every time I tried to work on the head I got distracted.

I sculpted and squished, sculpted and squished so many times I finally lost count .

Apparently, there was just one more heart I needed to make..... then another..then another.

I think I finally got the hearts out of my system.

When I sat down to have another go at the head today, I think I broke a land speed record.

I had THE head I wanted in about 15 minutes.

Here she is all snuggled down for a nice HOT sauna.

( Without the steam of course).

I used to lay my pieces on polyester batting to bake, but I got tired of having to "pluck" the fibers off after the bake, plus if the clay was particularly soft, it would leave a texture from the fibers.

I still use the batting, but now I cover it with a piece of plain white cotton sheet, no fibers AND no texture. SWEET!

Below, is a picture I got off of Google Images.

Hopefully it will help me with the guitar the "Gal" will eventually be holding.



  1. I love the guitar man! Can't wait to see what guitar girl looks like.


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