My Little Dormouse

Meet My Little Dormouse.

I usually don't try to copy or "reproduce" anything with my clay, like This.

I'm NEVER please with the results and I usually pick the piece apart so bad that by the time I finish finding all of the things that are wrong with it, it's almost embarrassing.

( I am a perfectionist, a very bad trait that I am trying to squish like a bug)

That being said, I could easily pick this piece apart, but there are enough things I like about it that I'm just going to ignore the rest.

This little guy told me he wanted to be a trinket box.


  1. Ack! That's freakin' adorable!

    You have to give us more warning. You can't pull this obnoxious amoutn of cute out without giving us time to prepare for the impending Adorabl Overload.


    Way too awesome. You have amazing talent.

  2. :-) he seems pretty comfortable snuggled in his bed which happens to be a flower. Very fortunate of him. He is overflowing with cuteness! It's a he right? No matter, cute nonetheless :-)

  3. Thanks so much!!
    Another cute bomb is in the works...
    Will try to remember to post a warning :-)

  4. LOL...trippy.... Why wigglebutt? I love the dormouse! He's so cute.

    Kung Fu


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