I ♥ macro

I have been wanting to get in on this for quite a while now
with  Lori Plyler over at Studio Waterstone.
I really want to improve my camera skills.
Hopefully this will help☺

I haven't spent ANY time on jewelry or sculpting (I miss it a lot)
because I have been a "woman on a mission" this summer.
We built a greenhouse so I could (hopefully) grow tomatoes and
then I decided I was done trying to bring a dead lawn back to life,
so we started over.
A lot of work and the weather has only cooperated some of the time;-(
I will  post about the greenhouse progress in a day or two (it really is amazing)
But for today I have some Macro shots that I think came out quite well.
They are all OOTC shots.
(Out of the camera, no photoshop)

Soon to be a Roma

Tomatillo Blossom

Not a little paper lantern

Greenhouse Marigold

Fireweed Blossom

Squash Blossom

My New Yard
The grass seed has started sprouting! Yea!

studio waterstone


  1. Your photos are great. Love the Greenhouse Marigold one. What kind of camera are you using? I agree Macro is wonderful. I still have problems getting good jewelry photos though.

    1. Hi Anon! I seem to be able to get a great close-up of anything but my jewelry☺ lol
      I was using a Nikon Coolpix L110, I really like it.


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