finally, some new earrings and (what was I thinking) another large project

I kind of had to spend  a few extra hours a day at work recently.
I usually work early and open the shop at 8 and I have a young lady that
comes in later and closes up at 6.
I can usually get out of there by 2:30 or 3:00.
Well for a couple of weeks recently, my young friend didn't have transportation,
so we car-pooled.
That meant for some long days for both of us.
I took advantage of being stuck at the shop by spending some quality time
at my enamelling station.
I have accumulated quite a few beads and I figured I had better,
at least try, to make some time to make something with them.

The one above is a work in progress.
I just thought it was such a happy color, I wanted to include it☺

And just when I thought our "one big summer project" for the year was done
when we finished the greenhouse........
I finally convinced the stubborn man that lives here that the grass
 was not going to get green, no matter how long he waited or how much he fertilized.
It. Was. Just. Dead. 
So... Here we go.
We rented a tractor tiller
and went to town.
Now you need to use your imagination a little cuz I suck at Photoshop,

In the section at the top of the yard
(this is the section that drifts really bad in the winter)
we will be putting in a nice oval section of gravel with a fire pit
(the gravel area will be a little bigger, but like I said, I suck at Photoshop)
and about a 1000 sq feet of sod.
In the middle section
where nothing seems to be able to compete with the
spruce trees ( which I love) for nutrients,
we are going to put in raised beds surrounded by gravel.
Like this one, which is not mine but I wish it was☺
(Click on the pic to go on a garden adventure.)

If you love gardening and aren't already reading this man's blog...
What is wrong with you??!!!

And down here we will be replanting grass.
We will be working on this project for the next few weekends.
The fire pit area and the seeding of the lower area
will happen this year, but the raised beds won't be put in till next year.
I'm already pooped☺


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