The greenhouse build.....

This is one of our sheds.  When we first moved here and got dogs
we decided that they would be 'outside' dogs.  
But in Alaska, in the winter,  you need to have an
'inside' of some sort, so we put in a doggie door on the 
heated shed.

Keeping them outside lasted about a minute;~)
And they totally became house dogs.
But the 'dog house' remained until about three weeks ago.
(Yes, that is snow back there)

I was able to cut all of the roof supports the same length
with the same angles, so that went pretty quickly.

But, since the ground slopes down towards the shed AND slopes
down from the back of the greenhouse to the front,
every wall stud had to be 'cut to fit',
so that took a little longer☺
(That's not just perspective, the short wall really is shorter on one end
 than it is on the other)
I made the door out of 2x2s.
I love my door☺

The outside is complete!
You probably can't see them, but there are two vents
close to the ground right behind those ladders.

There's a vent above my awesome door and a fan in the back wall
that I can set to blow in or out.
The green house is approx. 12ft x 12ft.
Considering the slopey~ness of the ground,
everything squared up pretty well☺

As you can tell by the previous pictures, the shed sits above ground,
 so to close off the bottom, I wedged in some blue board
(it's a styrofoam insulation)
and covered it with some thin plywood.
(I am painting that wall today☺)

I will also be working on the shelving and a potting bench.
These  2 wonderful pieces are actually part of an old futon frame.
I just can't throw things away.
Eventually I can find a use for just about anything.

I hope to grow a massive amount of tomatoes
and peppers so I can make a massive amount of salsa
 and jalapeno jelly.
I'll let you know how it goes☺


  1. Congrats on your shed! I can't believe you still have snow ;) Mom really wants me to go to Alaska and see where I was born. I said the only way you would get me up there is in the summer time!!!! Have fun growing those tomatoes and peppers - salsa sounds really good!

  2. Hi Pat,
    That is a really nice green house. Have fun growing lots of good things to eat.

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