Year of Jewelry ~ Weeks 19 & 20 ~ and some other random things..................

For week 19, I once again did not follow the prompt,
which was "Your Favorite Flower".
My favorite flower is the "Swingtime" fuchsia 
This picture is from 2010
It is just so fluffy and happy looking☺
I still plan on trying my hand at making some polymer clay fuchsia
but for week 19, I was busy with a custom order.
A new customer of mine had a beach stone that she picked up while overseas
many years ago.  It has special meaning to her and she asked if I could
"do something" with it.
I was a little nervous about whether or not she would like it,
 but then again, I always am.
She picked it up today and lets just say
~she's a hugger~

For Week 20, I did follow the prompt, which was
"Made in 10 Minutes"
Which was lucky cuz that's about how much time I had.
I think I could have gotten one more pair done, but my area is so messed up
it took FOREVER to find the copper ear wires, and I ran out of time.
And, sadly, my work area is going to stay messy a little longer
because last weekend we started the final phase of the yard re-do.

Honey hauled 4 loads of gravel, which is about 20 yards,
and I have been shoveling ever since.
Except for Tuesday.
I took a little shovel break because I refuse to shovel gravel
In. The. Snow.......In. May.
I'm hoping to have the gravel done and the raised beds built by the 
end of this month, so I can plant.
But they are predicting more snow for this weekend,
so, at this point... who knows!
(Let me just say, right now, I could not be more tired of  SNOW!)

Anyhoo..... Let's talk MOO☺

I got these a few days ago.
They are just the cutest things EVER!
They are mini Moo cards
and I love them♥
The company is awesome to work with and I am totally in love with
Little Moo.

On my way to work on Wednesday morning, I was a tad cranky
because of the unseasonably late snow fall on Tuesday, but when I saw this
while driving by the 'scenic outlook' I had to turn around
and take a picture.
It was taken with my IPhone so it's not great,
but let me tell you, it was awesome in person♥

And I was still on time for work.....barely☺


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