Year of Jewelry ~ Week 8

Just a quick YOJ post today☺
I cheated just a little.
I made the bears a few weeks ago but just got around
to making them into earrings this week, so technically it counts☺
And since this weeks prompt was ~ Multiples ~
they fit right in.

Polar Bears with Northern Lights
I've been working on my first order for the gallery,
(I still can't get over how exciting that is to me☺) 
a small intial order due this week, with an 80 piece
order that has to be ready by the end of March.
So far production is going well except that every time I work with clay
 I get distracted by ideas of things to make or experiments to try☺
So, to maintain focus, I am just keeping a notebook handy to write down ideas
I want to try after the orders are filled☺


  1. Hi Pat,
    The earrings are beautiful! Congratulations on the Gallery order I do not blame you at all for still being on cloud nine.


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