busy, busy, busy

(As usual my 'Summer Blogging' is proving to be very erratic☺)
But, I'm sure no one is going through Wigglebutt Withdrawals;~)

I finished filling and planting my pots for the front of the house.
I have the usual flowers, but I also am trying tomatoes in two of the pots, strawberries in one,
pablano peppers in one, cucumbers in one and herbs in another.
Hopefully my gardening skills have improved over last year
(Lily says "Hi")
View from the side of the house.

Usually I put a pot of flowers on top of my whiskey barrel, but I made this
Fairy house,oh, maybe four years ago?
 And it has been living in the shed this whole time, I figured it was time to bring it out.
Maybe it will bring some magic for my crops;~)
I also replanted a slew of perennials in my center garden.
I ordered them from a wonderful company, Bluestone Perennials.
They are wonderful!
This was my second time ordering from them. 
This time didn't go quite as smoothly as the first time due to an OOPS their shipping dept.
Apparently instead of sending my order priority mail, which is the norm,
 my order and approx 89 other orders to Alaska were inadvertently shipped
Parcel Post.
Let me just say, Those poor, poor plants didn't make it:~(

Of course when I called to tell them that I hadn't received my order after almost
two weeks they immediately reshipped my order (at no charge).
Both orders showed up the same day (one looking much happier than the other)

They are all looking pretty happy so far, none have been eaten by the rabbits yet
(I think my rabbit repellent is working, Yea!)
and only one has been stepped on by a big moose foot and I think it may actually survive.

These two were lucky

On the indoor creative front,
I finished the beading for this a couple of weeks ago but I was having a heck of
a time figuring out how to actually finish the ends.
Finally came up with an idea today, so it is now complete.

Seed beads, beaded beads and JulsBeads focal

Some earrings to match.

Check out those little gun metal spacer thingies.
Aren't they cool?
They are cool for the ends too.
Want to know what they REALLY are?

They come in a package of 500 for about 7 or 8 bucks.

At Sportsman's Warehouse☺


  1. LOVE How you have designed your yard..Oh and that log Cabin..pure paradise :)

    Your jewelery is beatiful.. and Very clever using the pellets.


  2. Pat- Thank you for that great comment! I cannot say hou much I loved it. So those bead in the earrings are really cool! I'm so glad you told us about the pellets because that is something I could see myself using for my art dolls!


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