A little bit of randomness........

I've been keeping busy, how about you?

A lot has happened since the last time I posted.
I won't apologize (again) about my lack of posting .
I guess that is just ME☺

I've been gardening and making stuff
(and cleaning - bleh)☺

Let's start with gardening.
Gardening in Alaska in February and March
starts in the greenhouse unless I was growing icicles☺
I started corn and basil super early.
These were planted Feb 4.
This is 2 weeks growth.
I planted 1 tray each of tomatoes and peppers
 on February 19th.
The rest of my veggies got planted 
on March 1st
I will spare you the gory details of the many re-plantings☺
This is where we are today

This makes me so HAPPY☺
And the fact that it got into the forties today didn't hurt☺♥

In other news I did finish this ~
Super happy with how this turned out.
I love moonstone!
Also finished this~
I am even happier at how this turned out ♥

Then there are these ♥♥♥
I am madly in love here!

They can hold business cards or photos in their antennae
as well as on their legs☺
Plus they are just so darn cute♥

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And we can be friends☺ 
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