Wrapping up The Year of Jewelry Project 2016

Like I said before,
I am going to be sitting out this year

(It already feels weird when I see a notification
that someone has posted:)

But I am really excited to be doing more with the clay again.

Soooo........here goes.

This was my last contribution for 2016.

 I made it a two-fer☺

No automatic alt text available. 
This pretty much sums up my New Year's resolution for 2017☺
But I am hoping to get into the habit of posting something,
whether it is an "in progress" pic or a finished item
or even an idea, at least once a week.
I got this app called "Hootsuite"
that is supposed to post to multiple social media sites at once.
We'll see if I want to get that "techie" or not☺

2016 was actually a pretty good year for me (& mine)
and I am ready to keep on keepin' on:~)

Image result for happy new year

Bring on 2017!


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