My first Beaded Tree.....☺

I've been wanting to try one of these
for quite a while now but I have successfully
talked myself out of doing it multiple times.

What if it's too hard?
What if I try and it just looks like crap?!!

Well then just take it apart and try again☺
Just try.

So I finally did!
And it turns out it wasn't as hard as I had been thinking.
And it didn't look like crap.
And I didn't have to take it apart:~)
But I am going to try again.
I got the larger stone when Hubby and I visited Utah (I think)
It is rose quartz.
I ordered some rose quartz chips to make the tree.
 I had some, vague grand plans to wrap the "roots" around
the large stone for the base but when it actually came down to
 doing the attaching..... Um... no.
All I did here was wrap the roots around the stone and staple
 them to the wooden base.
I covered the wire ends and staples with air dry clay
then colored it with inks.
I was going for a "moss" look.
Not sure if I'm thrilled with that part, but I consider
 the overall project to be a success.
Hubby was impressed:-)

The next tree I am already attempting is being made with jade chips
(Hubby's suggestion) and copper wire.
I'll keep you informed☺


  1. Nicoleforsythlinch@gmail.comMarch 24, 2017 at 12:22 PM

    do u make these for other people i want to buy!!!


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