All about the greenhouse ...... growing like a weed☺

I showed a couple pics of the greenhouse
in my last post but this post is all about the plants☺
(And there are lots of pics:~p)
 I started planting seeds on Jan 10th
Jan 17
The broccoli and cauliflower were the first to start coming up.

Jan 23

Jan 26
Time to start thinning and re-potting

Feb 2
Coming along fine☺

Feb 2
The perennial flowers are starting to get in it gear
Feb 6
Some broccoli, cauliflower, a couple of flowers
Feb 6
They all seem to be pretty happy in their hi tech pots
(9 oz dixie cups)☺
Feb 6

Feb 6
Mostly peppers and a few tomatoes

Feb 6
All of the plants are pretty much constantly being moved around
 from tray to tray according to height.
( Think elementary school picture day)
I keep the lights just a couple of inches from the top of
the plants at all times.
It keeps them from getting all stringy and lanky
since they don't have to "stretch" to seek out the light.
And I keep a fan going on them, lightly,
about 16 - 18 hours a day.
It helps to strengthen the stems.
( I use that drill up there to make the holes in the bottom of the cups.
Just stack 6-8 of them and drill away)
Feb 11
The last tray is ready to transplant.
These are all flowers.

Feb 13

Feb 13

Feb 14

Jan 17
Tomato Selfie! ☺

The numbers on the cups tell me what variety I have in the cup
All of the seed packets are numbered and grouped in types.
This cup holds Vegetable #11
Way easier than writing the name of the variety on each cup,
I would get writers cramp☺
Feb 17

Feb 22
I will most definitely have to re-pot again before it is time
to put these babies outside.
That blue tote on the ground there has little green onions and leaf lettuce.
I'm hoping for a small salad sometime next month ☺

Feb 22

Feb 22 ~ National Margarita Day☺
Oh Yea.......
And if you missed National Margarita Day this year,
 make sure you mark your calendars for next year!


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