Greenhouse progress........

Last weekend we had a friend come out to help (finally)
build the greenhouse.
Steve and Mike
The guys got the lower braces in.

Max ( Mike's dog) was closely supervising
A LOT of drilling and riveting.
I mean A LOT.
We got all of the lower wall panels in and broke for lunch.
While I was cleaning up from lunch the guys got back at it.

When I got back outside
they had this much of the upper back complete and they were just
wandering around looking for something.
They finally stopped looking and told me...............

We were missing a panel.
And they were seriously afraid to tell me.

Each section has 2 panels, a flat panel and a corrugated panel.
We were missing the corrugated panel for 
 that little section next to the fan vent.
Can't go any farther without it.
We had to call it a day. The plan was to call the greenhouse people on Monday
and have them ship it to us. In the mean time we figured we had better
inventory the rest of the pieces and make sure we weren't missing
anything else.
Nothing else was missing, but we did find out we had some extra pieces.
One of the extra pieces was a larger square flat panel.

Honey had a brilliant idea later that evening, so Sunday morning
(after it warmed up to above freezing) we gave his idea a try.

Honey cut a piece from the larger panel to fit
and I installed the two panels by framing the inside with pipe insulation.
It fit in there really tight☺
And we were able to finish both upper end walls on Sunday.

Over the next couple of days we put in the rest of the
 ceiling braces and the hanging brackets.

This is where we are now.
We are at a stand still again.  We have tried, unsuccessfully, to
start installing the roof panels but if there is any amount of wind
the panels just TAKE OFF.
We can't run any of the electrical until we have a roof.
We can't build the shelves, cuz we'd have to try and work around
them to install the roof panels.
Since I pretty much live in a wind tunnel, it might be a while
before we get much farther.
But, when we get it done it is going to be seriously COOL!
Or, should I say warm?☺


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