Year of Jewelry 2015 ~ Week 3

I promised myself that if I was going to keep
blogging, that I would actually share more than just
my YOJP projects this year.
( I am kinda pleased with how this one turned out☺)
I want to get back into sculpting more in addition
to the weekly jewelry projects, plus, as soon as it warms up enough, 
we have a greenhouse to build.
(Delivery of the kit was delayed last fall and 
we didn't have time to build before the weather got bad)
 I am really excited about growing my tomatoes in the new greenhouse,
 the peppers will live in the old one☺
So I will have things to share in the coming year,
but for now....
just this☺
Oooh... and I planted my pepper seeds this last weekend.
I can't wait for things to start growing!


  1. My son has saved apple pips to plant. He wants to grow an apple tree. He has some snowdrops already and they planted cress at Beavers for one of their badges last week. I can't wait to get our house and have a green house and a real garden. . . :)


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