♥ Gardening ♥ and YOJP Week 16

The weather this last week or so has been gorgeous
for my neck of the woods and I have been trying to take full advantage.
This last weekend hubby finished building the last of the raised beds.
On Sunday,  despite having the "ick",
(consisting mostly of "seriously achy all over and tons of  kleenex used")
I was able to position and level the new boxes.
~The gravel pile is almost gone~
Now I just need to fill them with soil☺
I currently have tons of plants trying to take over my
storage area ( that I grew from seed ~!!!Yay Me!!!~) and I am OK with that☺
I'll post some pics soon ~
It's spring in my basement!!!! LOL!

Obviously my YOJP pieces have started getting a little more simple each week,
but, I also signed up again for the BSBP
again this year and I have to have my pieces ready for reveal on May 3rd.
So I am busy making them but I can't post them until reveal day,
sooo......... I can't use them as my YOJP projects;(

This one is very simple but it's actually much more
 "my style" of jewelry that I would wear.
Earth tones & copper ~ I can't help it♥


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