Year of Jewelry ~ Weeks 27 & 28

Got gutsy and ordered some sterling silver wire☺
I want to make about a hundred variations of this♥
This one, I think, needs a little tarnish☺

Got a ~free~ tutorial, which is also very, very entertaining and humorous
from a lovely lady named Angelina Krell.
Used it to make this
Not liking the 'shiny'
so I did a little heat patina
in other words, I hit it with a torch☺
and got this.
No.... your monitor is not screwed up...
The bead is "dyed" howlite 
(the tutorial called for a 12mm bead and there wasn't alot in my stash to choose from)
and when I torched the piece, apparently it
burned off the color.
Who knew?
But I like it much better! lol!

I am almost finished with Week 29 & 30 and then I will be all caught up,
for awhile☺


  1. That's awesome! Great job! So cool that the heat changed the color of the bead.. ~:)

  2. I think it ate my comment.. lol It looks great! I like how it changed the color of the bead when you heated it. You did awesome. I'm glad you liked my tutorial.. ~:)


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