Year of Jewelry ~ Week 26........and how I have spent my summer so far and why I am so far behind

This was my offering for Week 26.
Once again...not following the prompts,
 which are just suggestions..... if you are stuck for inspiration...
so it's OK☺
I love the colors in this and I will absolutely be keeping this for ME!
This is my first wrap bracelet but I don't think it will be my last,
these are fun! 
(just a little difficult to photograph☺)
I am currently about three weeks behind on the YOJP but now that
the yard work pretty much consists of watering, 
I think I can make some progress towards catching up☺
With the record setting temps we have been having this summer
(I love being able to wear shorts and flip flops more than three or four days
a kidding)
my new garden area is happy ~ happy!!
Left side ~ Strawberries            Right side ~ Jalapeno peppers

They are happy in their little house.
Can you tell which ones got munched by the moose babies?
Left side ~ Bush string beans       Right side ~ Various tomato & cucumber 

Left side ~ Beets (I LOVE beets)        Right side ~ Zucchini and dill

Left side ~ Potatoes       Right side ~ Onions

Left ~ Lettuce & Broccoli             Right ~ Lettuce & Brussels sprouts

And the greenhouse is doing BEYOND AWESOME!!!

Tomato plants going CRAZY!
One seriously scary cucumber plant!
This thing grows so fast you can almost watch it 
and I think the cukes go from one inch to five inches over night.

My sister lives in Montana and usually has pretty good veggy growing weather.
She hasn't gotten any veggies yet.
This year it seems to be going better for me.
I had to text this pic to her last night☺

The lettuce, cucumbers and green onion came from my garden this year☺
(and, WOW, salad looks awesome on a red plate! hahahah!)
I am going to enjoy the weather and the awesome growing season we are experiencing
this year cuz, the way our weather works, it might still be snowing this time next year.


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