The BIG Day!! The Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal Day has arrived ~ and The Year of Jewelry Project ~Week 15

And believe it or not ~ I am ready!

 (I was ready on the original reveal date but I was also grateful for the extra week to 
improve the photos and tweak the blog post ;~)
(I've also submitted the necklace as my Week 15 project
in The Year of Jewelry Project  ☺ Killed two birds:~)

My partner for this hop is Sheryl Stephens
of  The Babbling Beader
She is a very talented seed beader
and also has an Etsy shop where she sells some really cool
jewelry and some very unique beads.
Check it out, you won't be sorry☺
Dyed Pink Jade, Dyed Purple Magnesite, fresh water pearls,
Swarovski bicones, Bali Star toggle clasp and two types of seed beads
This is what Sheryl sent to me♥

As strange as it may sound, I absolutely LOVE the colors,
but they are not colors I would have actually picked out
if I was bead shopping.

So, without further ado, it's time to show you what I made☺

When I first saw this gorgeous pendant,
Dyed Purple Magnesite

I knew I wanted to try wire wrapping it.
I am just learning this technique.
  I need a TON of practice, but I like the way it came out.
(That little oval up front is a charm I made from pmc a while back,
it is actually covering a wonky join)
Dyed Purple Magnesite focal wrapped in sterling silver with
three little swarovski crystals
I had "grand" plans to make this a
"statement piece".
I was going to use leather cording with the pendant as the focal.
I planned to use at least some of each of the types of
beads that Sheryl sent and have several bunches of wire
wrapped beads cascading at intervals along the length of cording 
ending with the gorgeous toggle.
Making for a full,  flirty and fabulous statement necklace☺ 
But as I was attaching the beads it just 'felt' wrong.

It looked more than "busy", it just looked... messy? crowded? ;~(

I'm not sure exactly how to describe it, but
it just wasn't coming out like what I had in my head.

So I ended up going in the complete opposite direction
and kept it very simple.
And I'm happy with it☺

I wanted the toggle to have a more prominent
(i.e. visible) place in the design so on this necklace I used a
 button from the stash I inherited from my grandma as the closure
and kept the toggle for the next project.

I had a bunch of beads wrapped, in preparation for the full and flirty
 necklace that never happened, so I decided that I would do
a full and flirty bracelet instead☺
Besides, what better way to show off a beautiful toggle clasp, than in
 a bracelet. Right?

I loved the colors of the seed beads, and I have plans for them in
a Micro-macramé  project, but in the mean time I thought I would try
something a little outside the box for me.

 I don't know if those little top pieces are bead caps or cord ends,
but they work pretty good for earrings☺

I also had a couple of teardrops left over.
4 to be exact☺
The cute little ribbed lampwork beads are from Juls.
I added a couple of Swarovski crystals to the first pair
and a couple fish leather "leaves" to the second pair.

And there you have it!
My bead soup☺

Please take a few minutes to visit my partner
to see what she made with the beads I sent.

What I sent Sheryl

For a complete list (with links) of the other participants
go here☺


  1. Oh, Pat. Can you hear me jumping up and down and screaming with excitement at what you have done with what I sent you? I love them. That focal is absolutely gorgeous. You do TWO of the things I have on my beading bucket list - micromacrame and WIRE wrapping. So gorgeous. And the bracelet. I am so glad to see that you had fun with this soup. I hope I've done you as proud with my pieces.
    It was fun - thank you.

  2. Souper pieces !
    I think your wire wrap shows off that pendant perfectly !

  3. Really loving the necklace on the leather cord - I think you made a great decision to keep it simple; it looks really elegant and geometric that way!

  4. ~i love the wire wrapping and your bracelet is magnificent...a true feast for the eye...much love light and blessings~

  5. I think the wire work on that focal is divine, and your choice to leave the strand simple a good one. Beautiful. They all are, Pat~ you've outdone yourself!

  6. That pendant was rocked by you!!!!! I think I would of had a hard time with that pendant but you certainly did it right! Great work. Kristin Oppold

  7. I love how you wireworked your cabochon, it really enhanced its beauty! ALl pieces turned out great!

  8. Oh my - all of your pieces are FanDamnTastic! I love your wire work on the pendant and love how you kept it simply. The flirty bracelet is perfect and I love those earrings with the bead caps, reminds me of old world chandeliers. The last set of earrings love, love, love!!! Awesome use of your soup goodness!

  9. Your necklace and bracelet are just gorgeous. The simplicity of the necklace cord is a perfect complement to the focal. I'm not a wire wrapper but it looks like you did a darn good job. The bracelet is fun, fun fun! Great use of the soup, I really enjoyed seeing what you made :-)

  10. I love everything you made and not just because I love purple. I cannot beleive you are just learning wire wrapping. Your pendant turned out great.

  11. great soup and super work with wire! congratulations!

  12. That wire wrapping on the focal is simply exquisite !

  13. Awesome creations I like the wire wrapped pendant.

  14. Great pieces, Pat - I really like the direction you went with the first necklace.

  15. I love the wire wrapped pendant you made and the simple necklace you hung it on.


  16. What an awesome pendant, you've made Pat! You did a great job on wire-working - this piece is absolutly beautiful, love it!

  17. What a great bracelet and such a charmin necklace!

  18. I love the necklace design, really special :-) the charm bracelet is so similar to what I made with my bead soup :-)

  19. WOW, I LOVE purple! If I could my whole house would done in purples, but my hubby won't let me....but I truly love what you did with your purple stash! Great Job!

  20. I like the simple cord treatment with the focal very much, very wise. The bracelet brings on the total dangle factor, perfect

  21. I love your necklace - it is totally a design I would wear often. Every design from your soup is gorgeous !!

  22. Gorgeous designs and your wire wrapping is amazing!

  23. I love the full and flirty bracelet.. But every single one of your designs rock. and the wire wrapping is beautiful.

  24. You are far too humble about your wire-wrapping --what you did with that pendant is fabulous! I also love the bracelet, and I like how both of those pieces toned the pink/purple down just a shade. To me that makes the pink show up in the work, rather than take it over.

  25. I am thrilled with what you did with that focal. That was a whole lot of purple, and you tamed it brilliantly. Your wire wrapping is enviable. The other pieces are all lovely, and that necklace is superb.

  26. Your grandma's button is perfect for that beautiful necklace. Great job on your bracelet too.

  27. Pat I can't believe that you are just learning wire wrapping as what you did really enhanced the focal and the simplicity is perfect. The bracelet looks like it would be so much fun to wear and I get that it makes little tinkles as you do.

  28. Very nice wire-wrapping! I agree, it is a good solution to keep it simple and contrast that with that favulous bracelet.

  29. I think changing the necklace to be more simple worked out really well. The pendant is so fabulous all by itself that I think it would have gotten lost in anything busier. And you wire wrapping looks great!

  30. Your wire-wrapping is just spectacular. When you said you were just starting out, I wasn't sure what to expect, but what you created is absolutely beautiful. I love that you went the simple route with the cord and button. It worked out perfectly.

  31. Wow, you are just starting out on wire wrapping? I love all of your designs! So creative!

  32. First of all, I love your little blue dragon friend. Now, for that purple wire-wrapped pendant -- it is gorgeous and you did such a beautiful wrapping job. Love the bracelet - I love a bracelet that sings to you and this one looks like a virtual orchestra. Great job on everything!

  33. Damn fine wire-wrapping, if you ask me. :)

  34. I think that you went the right direction with the wrapped pendant necklace. It's a bold color and size so, simplicity gave it balance. Very nice!

  35. Love the necklace, love the bracelet, love the earring. Awesome design, the wire work is incredible. Great job!

  36. The wire wrap around the focal is so stunning! Love everything you made and so impressed with what you made!

  37. Love your pieces and that big focal is to die for

  38. All designs you've made are very beautiful. I love the wire wrapping in the focal and the simplicity of the necklace you've designed. Great work. Have a peaceful weekend.

  39. Really gorgeous pieces...I just love your wire work!

  40. Oh, my goodness, the colors of the beads you got are just glorious, and the pieces you made are fantastic! I'm so glad you found a use for all the dangles you had made for the necklace, because the bracelet is just an armful of fun! It's taken me a while to get this far in the reveal, but I'm glad I got to see your work.

  41. I just love the soup you received. My favorite is the pendant that you wire wrapped. Looks very nice, I can't tell that you claimed to be new to wrapping. :)

  42. My absolute favorite is the pendant, it's amazingly beautiful! Great desings!


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