The Year of Jewelry ~ Week 5

I am really loving this project (so far anyway).
It is giving me the incentive that I need to create something new 
every week AND it gives me at least one interesting thing to blog about
at least once a week☺
I finally got to break out the clay
(I really miss it when I don't have time to play with it)
I had a request for a small earring version of some "Alaskana"
pins and magnets I made a while ago.

So I made a couple sets of each...

Then I made a few more Bears.....
 and I think I will make a few more whales...
just because☺

I also signed up for Lori Anderson's
I'm supposed to have the beads I'm sending to my partner mailed by
Feb. 10 and I have no idea what I want to send!!

I'm also working on re-doing a man's necklace.
I've never really done "masculine" jewelry,
so this should be really interesting.
I am taking the medallion from an existing 'choker'
and reusing it according to a 'specific' but also vague idea
of what the finished piece should look like.
And, surprisingly, I am more excited than terrified☺
Hope to show you some of my progress as I go along with this.


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