more bead soup and maybe some exciting news...

My BSBP partner Sheryl Stephens
received the beads I sent to her so now I can show you what was in the box...
Lori said that if we were nervous about figurung out what to send
we should send what we would send to our bestfriend
or send what we would love to receive ourselves.

So thats what I did, cuz I was nervous... always am☺

I LOVE handmade and I think Sheryl does too and I love
organic and semi-precious and pearls and stone chips,
(love, love, love chips! I don't know why, maybe it's a sickness of some kind☺)

I have heard from Sheryl and she is happy with what I sent
(I don't know why I make myself crazy)
And now I just have to come up with a fabulous design worthy of what she sent to me and
wait "patiently" to see what gorgeousness she makes with my offering☺

And the exciting news may involve a sorta large wholesale (new to me) order
 for a gallery but it's still in the early stages.
Wish me luck!
I hope to be able to share by next week☺

Please cross all of your fingers and toes. 
Thank you.


  1. That is some spectacular soup~ Love the color combination and the components are saucy!

    Congrats, good luck, fingers crossed and prayers said for your wholesale order! <3

  2. Lovely earthy colors. Fab soup!

  3. A beautiful bead soup! I saw it on Nelly Mae's blog. The combination is wonderful-loved the focals and paper beads. Can't wait to see what she makes from it.


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