The Year of Jewelry ~ Week 4 ~ and are my fingers tired☺

I can't even tell you how happy I am with this one☺
With the exception of the 2 small pink beads
(which are 'reconstructed turquoise')
everything about this necklace is handmade☺
I made some "organic" links using steel wire and enameled them
along with some iron beads.
I added a couple of ceramic beads by an 
"unknown to me" artist here in AK that I got at a bead show,
and two JulsBeads.
All of the wire wraps and links are made with annealed steel wire
and I seriously believe my fingertips are actually swollen.

This turned out even better than what I had in my head!

It is totally different than what I am usually inclined to make
and even with the dark wire work, I think it still looks bright and cheerful!
Think maybe this Year of Jewelry Project might be doing me some good



  1. What an excellent combination of components, and the stark contrast between the vivid colors and dark metal makes the piece really POP. Love!


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