The Year of Jewelry Project ~ Week 2.... following through so far☺

This was my Week 2 project~
not because I made it in week 2 but because
I finished it  in week 2
and that TOTALLY counts by the way☺
Again, the focal is a JulsBeads lampwork focal......

I can't help it, I have this addiction☺

This one took quite a while because I didn't follow a pattern
(that makes it too easy when you are trying to learn something new LOL!)

so I started, stopped, un-knotted and re-knotted A LOT
before I finally came up with something I liked.
I really do like the way this one turned out.
The band is not too wide and not too skinny
It's just wide enough to balance out the focal I think☺

I do already have something new started for next week
and it doesn't involve a JulsBead at all ~ lol!

In fact it doesn't  involve ANY beads.

I'll tell ya all about it later in the week☺


  1. Wow, Pat. Seriously...WOW. I love this macrame/lampwork path you are unique and you balance them beautifully.


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