Lily's Limo...

Thought I would share an update on Lily.

If you read the last post you know that we lost someone dear to us,
and it has been particularly difficult on Lily.

Lily 2008
She had her first and only batch of pups in a kennel in our dining room
in 2002... Scooby was one of her pups.
They have always been inseparable

(These pics are horrible quality but they will always be some of my favorites.
The entire evening they looked like synchronized swimmers.
They each had a bone filled with peanut butter☺)

Neither one did anything without the other.
Lily is a little confused about why Scoobie isn't here.

 to keep her from being alone all day while we are at work.....
I have started taking her to work with me☺
 Since she is 12 yrs old with arthritic hips, jumping into the back of the Tahoe
wasn't an option anymore, so we got ourselves this handy dandy ramp☺
It folds right up and still leaves plenty of room for her
to ride in style☺


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