I ♥ Macro ~ Under the Sea?

I am so late I almost missed 'I Heart Macro' with Lori at Studio Waterstone

It seems that the only time I have posted for weeks now, has been for
'i heart macro',
but today we finally finished our last huge project for the summer,
so hopefully, I can get back to creating something besides buildings
and landscaping.
(I am in the process of putting together a post about
the greenhouse and the new yard;~)

These all looked like 'under sea images' to me when I first looked at them☺
But they are actually garden shots (big surprise)

White and Purple Kale

And a really cool flower I can't remember the name of☺

Check out some Macro goodness by clicking on the pic♥
studio waterstone


  1. You had me fooled! They are wonderful photos either way, but it's fun that you tricked us! :-)

  2. Beautiful shots! They really look like sea creatures!

  3. They really do look like they came from the sea! Great shots! I came to say I'm hoping the puppy (Scooby) is ok! Sending out a prayer!


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