I couldn't find cinnamon chips

The other day on this blog I saw a recipe for Cinnamon Chip Scones,
and since I have been absolutely dying to have a Cinnamon Chip Scone
ever since my Starbucks stopped carrying them,
(I don't know if it is rotational or seasonal thing,
all I know is that when I'm craving one they have none)
I figured I would bake some.
So I print off the recipe. In her post she says the cinnamon chips are
on the grocery aisle right next to the chocolate chips.
Not if you live in my neck of the woods.
After checking all three of the large stores we have,
Walmart, Fred Meyer and Carrs/Safeway, and coming up empty
I decided to try toffee chips in place of the
(non-existent in the state of Alaska) cinnamon chips.
I was kinda bummed until I came across this
Isn't it the coolest thing you ever saw?
Well maybe not THE coolest, but pretty darn cool.
It is a 3D wooden puzzle. It is 10"x10"x5"H
After I put it together I glued all of the pieces in place.
After it dries I plan on making this fellow quite colorful.

Oh, and the toffee chip scones aren't half bad.
Not cinnamon, but not bad.


  1. Oh, I love all things cinnamon! However, Pat, don't worry that you can't get cinnamon chips in your part of the country. In Germany, you have problems to find ANY product with cinnamon except cookies around Christmas. Hah!

    As for the 3 D puzzle, it's way cool! What kind of insect is it supposed to be? A wasp maybe? Please post another photo of it once you have painted it, okay?


  2. Oh, I just saw the label -- mosquito! :)


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