don't know what's up with the pink

I have been busy.
I have been busy making myself frustrated:~(

I saw this necklace and I really liked the look of it.  It was a bead crochet necklace.
Well..... I love to crochet so why not teach myself how to bead crochet.

I spent every evening for two solid weeks trying to figure it out.  I would get about three rounds into it and loose track of where I was and that would get torn out and I would start over. Once you get 4 or 5 rounds in you can better tell where you really have to go next but I could never get that far. At the end of the two weeks I decided to try ONE more time and I actually got a piece of work that was almost 2 inches long and it was so NOT RIGHT that I gave up (for now) on bead crochet.

Since I felt like I hadn't accomplished anything in two weeks I decide to do something with some pendants I made ages ago☺

This is the third try for this FINALLY simple necklace.
I knew I wanted to use the pink turquoise square beads,
(I don't know why but I really like the odd shaped beads. The nuggets and chips and squares.)
but then I added a whole bunch of other stuff that just tried to make it look too fancy.
So I finally took away almost all of the other crap and now I think I like it.

The jury's still out on this one.

I like this version WAY better than I did the first 4 tries.
It's pretty long and doesn't have a clasp cuz it just goes over your head.
It had a clasp in the first 4 versions☺
Looking back, I notice that I have had a lot of pink in my life the last few weeks.
I don't dislike pink, it's just that it's not exactly my favorite color and I seem to be
immersed in pink.  I'm not sure what's up with that.

I did make something that is more in my color comfort zone.
I made a lanyard☺

(Let me start by telling you that I didn't have any gold colored clips)
Also I have to say that this is my first lanyard and
 there are some things you need to take into consideration
when making one of these.  Lanyards are long, it's the nature of the beast.
Lanyards can end up being VERY heavy if you don't pay attention
 to the fact that lanyards are very long:~)
So I ended up using some wood beads and some acrylic beads
along with some copper and semi-precious.
The main bead is (if I remember right) a petrified wood bead.
I bought a string of them at a bead show
(my very first ever and only one so far)
that I went to in Anchorage last summer.
It was awesome.
I went alone cuz ..
 1. Honey doesn't go to Anchorage
2. Honey wouldn't go to a bead show
even if you tried to drag him there cold and dead☺
I was good though, I took cash only and when it was gone so was I.
I could easily get myself into trouble at a bead show!

Ok, so getting back on track here☺
After finally accomplishing something that I could actually touch,
 I decided to try something different with the little DEMON beads.

I looked up info on the peyote stitch and found out about the
!! TAH DAH !!

This time I was going to be very careful not to fall for the
"Oh, this is SO EASY, you'll love it"
Two weeks of frustration H*LL is plenty!

But I did try it and I actually LIKE it.
I actually got through about 6 or 7 inches. I'm not doing a specific pattern,
just using a random pattern of browns (surprise) and
I don't know if it's cheating, but I'm using a knitting needle as
 kind of a 'core' to work around.
I told Honey, at one point, that I needed to maybe get a little dowel
to work around.
Then I remembered that I had probably every size of knitting
needle ever made and I don't knit! LOL!
(I inherited "all things crafty" from my Grandma when she passed
years ago. Including several unfinished crochet afgans,
that I am in process of finishing and a couple of quilts.)
I would love to show you a pic of my 'in progress'
tubular peyote "non disaster"
but I took it to work with me on Friday when I found out my helper
wouldn't be able to make it in and I would be there from 7a to 6p and I wanted
something to do if it was slow and I forgot to bring it home with me.
Which is causing me a little distress, cuz I seem to be a little obsessed with finishing it.
But I guess that will give me something to post on Monday,
since I have been so "regular" with my posting lately☺


  1. I've always thought about trying bead crochet, but have this one stupid question...the patterns always say string on a bunch of beads & start...what happens when you run out of beads? You end it and attach a new piece? Not if you are crocheting with wire.
    I like your new pieces...I really do like the floral one that you are iffy on!
    I hear you about bead shows!


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