OWOH Winners!

Ok, I used the random number generator
and this is what we got;~)

The first number picked was
Comment #153
Mila of Bellbookandcandleseason
will receive this

The second was
Comment #119
will receive this

Third was
Comment #49
will receive this

Fourth number drawn was
Comment # 38
Brigit of Swapping Howdies
will receive this
And the final number chosen was 
Comment #34
will receive this

This turned out to be quite the International event for me this year.
If the profiles of  all of these wonderful people are current,
there are 2 prizes destined for the UK, 1 for Germany, 1 for Italy
and 1 for Alabama USA!
How cool is that?

I has so much fun again this year
and I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments☺

Congratulations winners!
You should  be getting an email in mere moments ☺


  1. Hi Pat :)! Oh lucky me :))!
    I'm so exciting to receive your wonderful giveaway!
    Thank you, thank you so much :))!
    Hugs & Smiles,
    Mila :)

  2. Hi Pat,

    I am SO excited! I wrote you an email last night but saw this morning that it has bounced back. ARGH! Do you happen to have an alternate email? Please let me know as soon as possible. When you click on the link to my blogger profile, you will find my email on that site, too. Thanks for your effort -- and I am SO happy to be one of your winners. Congrats to the other winners, too!


  3. Hi Pat, Yay! I can't believe I won one of your little dragons :) Can't wait to give Little Wip a home :)
    I just emailed you my details.
    Thank you again


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